Guys, you can use the info from your mails in your final presentations

Some US students' mails

Hey, my name is ... . I am from Marietta, Georgia, and I go to Lassiter High School. My favorite subject is biology.We don't have to wear uniforms at our school, but we do have a very strict dress code. In my free time I like to go on bike rides and knit with my neighbors. My favorite sport is volleyball and baseball. I love all kinds of music and my favorite website is either or I Waste So Much My favorite book is every single Harry Potter book or the Hunger Games. My favorite food is soyfood patties, I am a vegetarian. I have one very fat cat named FatKitty, yes I know it isn't a very cool name but I was freaking out when I got him and the name stuck. I have two siblings, an older brother named Bradford, and an older sister named Julia. What about you? What type of animals do you have? Do you have any siblings? What is your life like? Talk to you later!!! :)


My favorite food is steak. In my freetime I enjoy playing with my dog Josie, and hanging out with friends. What about you? I have enough homework from each class everyday so I do not study for tests every night as I should. I spend about eight hours at school every day, and I spend about two hours every night on homework. My favorite class at school is ROTC (reserve officer training corps). What's yours? I take French II Honors, and it is definitly my hardest class. I love to play baseball, and I'm a huge fan of the Atlanta Braves. Unlike most people, I only listen to country music. What kind of music do you like? We do not wear school uniforms, but every Thurdsday I have to wear a uniform for ROTC. Do you ever have to wear uniforms?

Hello, my name is .... I am going to Lassiter High School. I am 14 years old. My favorite food is chicken tenders. I like to play hockey and write in my free time. I study five hours each night for school.I spent seven hours each day in school.My favotite subject in school is Honors Literature. I find that biology is the hardest class that I am taking. My favorite sports are hockey and football. I like punk, rock, and emo music. No, we do not have o wear any uniforms to school. My favorite colors are black, dark green, and blood red. My favorite TV shw is Detriott 187. My favorite author is Stephen King.My favorite animals are bears and wolves. My favorite season is winter. I have 4 brothers and two sisters. Please respond with answering these questions. Thanks

My name is ....
My favorite food is bacon! What about you?

In my free time, I enjoy playing xbox and playing basketball! What about you?

I normally don't study each night. How long do you study a night?

My favorite subject in school is science! What about you?

I find math to be the hardest class in school. What class do you find the hardest?

My favorite sport is either basketball or football! What about you?

I like country music and rap. What kind of music do you like?

Hey this is ...........! I am so excited to be able to talk with someone outside of the U.S! I am a 15 year girl and i love volleyball and softball, i am VERY athletic! I love shopping and shoes! I do photography and all types of art too! In my free time I dance and cheer. My favortite type of music is either hip hop or scremo! I am very outgoing when it comes to doing things that are fun. If i could do anything job wise it would be hair and makeup!Well thats just a little bit about me, i could go on forever though hahaha! :) so lets get on the subject of what you like to do! here are just a few questions and also feel free to put in any other information about yourself that you wuld like to!

About me! My favorite food is pizza! I hangout with my friends in my free time! I study about an hour a night! I spend about seven hours a day at school! My favorite subject in school is Social Studies! My hardest class would have to be French just because I am learning a new language, like you are right now! My favorite sport is Baseball! The music that I learned is pop/hip hop! I can wear whatever i want to school as long as it is appropriate! Now that I've told you about myself now you can tell me about yourself!
Dear ....,
My name is ..... and I live in the state of Georgia in America. I'm 15 years old, and I am learning to drive. I am a ninth grader and attend high school. The classes I'm currently taking are Spanish, sports marketing, geography, honors literature, biology, and algebra/geometry. The school year for us starts in the middle of August and ends on May 23 this year. We get a break for 1 week in November to celebrate Thanksgiving in America. We also get a 2 week break in December to celebrate the winter holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. I love spending time with my friends and family, shopping, going to the movies, and going to sporting events at my school. I currently manage the baseball team at my school, and I love being able to help them out and cheer them on at every game. In the south, where we live, the spring and summer are really hot, so we are starting to wear shorts again! The winter can be cold, not like Russia, but cold to us, and we can usually get a few inches of snow every year. This makes everyone excited because we usually get out of school because we don't have the equipment to travel on the roads like you would in Russia.
All 50 states are run by a governor, but the country is run by the president. Our independence from Great Britain was July 4, 1776, and that is known as the 4th of July or Independence Day. Most cities have parades and fireworks to celebrate. Most holidays we celebrate are Christmas, Easter,Halloween, New Year's Eve/Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, mother's day and father's day, and Memorial and Veteran's day to honor our soldiers.
We have a few mountains in north Georgia, but most of the land is flat. There are lakes and rivers located throughout the state. We also have a coastline in southwestern part of the state.
Hope this helped inform you about America. Ask me any questions you have.

Some Russian students' mails

Hello! My first name is ..... I’m female. Sorry for

my bad English, I learned German at School. I would

like to tell you a few words about my interests.

I am a student of the Krasnoyarsk state Teacher-

training university. My major is pedagogics and

psychology. I am a freshman. I have 4 lectures in a

day. My favorite color is red. I don’t have favorite

music style. My favorite website is the social net

work My favorite book or author is The

Captain’s daughter by A. Pushkin (He is a famous

Russian poet). My birthday is on the twenty first of


My native city is Nazarovo, but I live in

Krasnoyarsk. I live in Krasnoyarsk- the third largest

city in Siberia. It is located on the Yenisei River.

Near Krasnoyarsk there is a national park Stolby- a

very diverse natural area with unusual cliffs.


I want to tell you about myself. My name is .....

I am 19 years old. I am a student of

the Krasnoyarsk state Teacher-training University. My

mother is ...., she is a teacher of music at the

state musical school. She plays piano, guitar and she

teaches musical literature and song.

My favorite colors are blue, black and red. My

favorite sport is volleyball, because I have been

playing it since the 6th grade. I like pets: cats and

horses. My favorite seasons is spring and summer. My favorite

hobby is singing, nails design, because I am engaged

nails, extension and cooking. I have 3 cats at my

home. My favorite celebration is New Year. My

favorite website is social network ( my

favorite book is “Battle for the fire” by Joseph

Henri Honoré Boex. I don’t have any favorite music

types. I think that communication with foreign people will

give me invaluable experience. I will try to draw any conclusions from communicating

with you. I will work perhaps not by profession, but my education will give me a way in life.

Hello!:) My name is .... My favourite food is sushi. In free time I like to sing:) Also I like to read. My favourite author is Nikolas Sparks. Do you like to read? I am a student of the Krasnoyarsk state teacher-training university. I am a future teacher. I spend of 6-10 hours in university. I like my university. Do you wear uniforms to school? We don't :)
Oh, I love cats:) I have two cats - Stesha and Mouse. I like any music:)) I have a sister, her name is Valeria, she is 10 years old. You have a sister or

brother? My photo encloses to the letter:)I will be glad if you too to send the photo:)if certainly you want:)

I am very glad to acquaintance,


Hi, my name is .... I’m 19 years old. I’m a student of the Krasnoyarsk state teacher training university. My major is pedagogics and psycology. I’m
a freshman. My birthday is on 10th of September. When is your birthday?
Let’s talk about my native city. I live in Krasnoyarsk – the third largest city in Siberia - It’s located on the Yenisei River -
r_seasons.html. Near Krasnoyarsk there is a national park Stolby – a very diverse natural area with unusual cliffs - Here in winter the temperature is below -30 degrees Celsius, but in the summer is warm enough. Temperature is more
than 30 degrees Celsius. In the summer we also carry shorts and tank tops. During the winter we walk in ski suits, down jackets or coats.
At the university I study for three of four bants every day, rarely learn on Saturdays. I like drawing, hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I
don’t have favorite sport. What is lacrosse? Tell me please. My favorite subject is psychology. My favorite type of music is rap. My favorite food is
mashed potatoes with a cutlet. My favorite color is red. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Do you have a pats? bye!:)

Hello! You didn't introduce yourself.
My name is .... My last name is .... I’m 18 years old. I’m female. I’m from Krasnoyarsk. About Krasnoyarsk you can look here -Красноярск. It’s in Russia. I study in the Krasnoyarsk state Teacher training University. My major is pedagogies and psychologies. Here is the university where I study:КГПУ_имени_В._П._Астафьева.
I’m a fun blonde. My favorite color is yellow, because it is the color of the Sun. I’m a music fan; I like to listen to all music types. I like to read books. My favorite author is Paulo Coelho, my favorite book is “Alchemist”. In my free time I often sleep, because I get tired. I like to drink tea. Near my computer I always have a cup of hot tea.
I have a sister. Her name is Kate. She is a nurse. She has a child. His name is Alex. My mother's name is Galina. She is a housewife.
I have a few questions to ask you. My first question is what do you think of Russia? What do you hear about Russia? Have you ever seen any Russian movies on the US TV?
So tell me about yourself and I hope on further communication.
P.S. I’m sorry for my English.