Discussion "Stereotypes"

Definition from www.dictionary.com

Let's discuss the topic dedicated to the problem of racial stereotyping.
But firstly let's take a survey!

In your post you should cover the following content:

1. Give your own definiton of the term "Stereotype" and describe the real-life situation connected with stereotyping.

2. Watch 2 youtube videos and comment them. What stereotypical views do they represent? Do you agree with any of them?

Explain why (or why not).

3. Which people today do you think are being unfairly stereotyped?

4. Look through the blog comments on the topic "Where do racial stereotypes come from?" Choose the best one you agree and comment why you chose it.

5. Are stereotypes usually accurate?

6. Have you ever met someone who was the perfect image of a stereotype you had in your mind?

7. Should stereotyping be made illegal?